Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making a booking

How do my customers make a booking?

Making a booking is simple. Once you have signed up and followed our 4-step process to load your rooms, products or services on to our data-base you will have the html code for a booking or buy now button which you place on your website, blog or Facebook page.
Customers clicking on this button will be shown a page of your available resources. A customer wanting to book accommodation or services will be taken though a short routine to check available dates, enter their information and confirm the booking. A customer buying a product will be able to select the product, (and this will be deducted form your available stock) and confirm the purchase. If you have enabled the credit card acceptances system, you will also be able to receive secure online payments for the transactions.
If you want to test the system, pretend you are a customer and try out our demo booking by clicking on the link here.

Costs of Booking Engine

Is it free to use the booking engine?

Businesses whose turnover is R10 00,00 or less and take less than 50 bookings or sales per month can use the booking engine free of charge off your own website.
If you wish to accept credit card payments, the charges of the credit card company will be charged to you. This is in the region of 2,6% to 3.9% of the value, depending on whether it is a local or a cross-border transaction. These charges will be deducted from payments made to you.
If your turnover or bookings or sales volumes exceed our generous free limits, you will be charged at a rate of 0,3% or 0,45% of the value of the transaction in addition to any credit card charges. Check out our Pricing and Rates information regarding our Premium and Optimum membership types to see if you qualify for the lowest rate.